Wide scope of design services


Concept Design

The preliminary design is made up of basic layouts and section views. It serves especially to present a notion of a building, outline of a construction project and conception for main construction systems. The descriptive and drawing parts of the project provides a slight degree of detail. It is created in the first stage of the investment process.


Building Permit Design

The design contains details of technical, structural and material solutions. The Building Permit Design includes information about the technology of particular structure elements execution. The design documentation is executed in accordance with strict rules. The design is submitted to the local authorities in order to obtain a building permit.

Tender Design

The design contains information necessary to make calcutalations of costs and construction works. It also includes Specifiations for Work Accomplishment and Acceptance. The significant part of the tender design constitutes drawings and bills of quantities related to them.


Executive Design

The design constitutes the basis to execute works by a building contractor. It completes and provides details to the building permit design in the scope necessary to construction works execution. Furthermore, it contains drawings drawn to the scale adjusted to the specific character of ordered works and provides precise information concerning the design solutions which will be implemented.


Workshop documentation

The elaboration is used to execute elements in plant or on site. The documentation is prepared on the basis of the executive design, it characterises with a very high degree of detail and contains precise drawings. Moreover, it includes technical and technological limitations of the plant and assembly techniques used on site. The documentation is drawn up in accordance with the internal standards applied by the producer.

Technical Expertise

The elaboration presents an analysis of occurrences or a technical condition of a building and its components. It aims at judgement of phenomena, occurrences and processes taking place in structures under construction or in buildings that are in use. The elaboration contains a survey of damages, necessary calculations and judgement of technological solutions. On the basis of technical expertise, we determine a cause and effect relationship of the occurrence and draw conclusions.


Vibration influence analysis

The analysis of building structures located in the zone of dynamic influence e.g. places in which communication infrastructure space overlaps with usable space. It investigates the harmful impact of vibrations transferred from the subgrade to building structures and determines the vibrations influence on people inside the buildings. The analysis aims at presenting a method of reducing vibrations.


Structure optimization analysis

The design of structure optimization is especially aimed at Building Contractors and Investors. On the basis of completed executive designs, our specialists suggest more favourable and optimal technical solutions. The effect of analysis is to obtain the best results in prevailing conditions and for the function determined by the Client.

Structural design verification

Structural designs verification is carried out in accordance with European standards. It includes a calculation analysis, verifying drawings and specifications within the framework of the strict supervision (DSL3). Moreover, it contains the independent supervision of the designing process. The analysis enables to classify the structure into a reliability class (RC3).
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