Design verification

Our company carries out activities including project verification, carried out in accordance with the requirements for checking project documentation according to Polish and European standards (Eurocodes). The scope of services includes, among others, checking the design of the structure and supervising the design works as an external entity. The verification study is especially recommended in the case of a construction concept and design, where the object in question has been classified to the RC3 acute reliability class. Our company’s mission is comprehensive verification of the project, which will also include the preparation of analyzes as part of the tightened DSL3 supervision.

What does design verification include?

Project verification concerns the supervision of compliance with the standards set out in the Construction Law Act, where many guidelines are provided for the preparation of documentation at the stage of a construction, tender or detailed design. As a third party, i.e. an external company, not involved in the implementation of the investment, we undertake the verification of all concepts in terms of meeting many important factors, e.g. substantive criteria, forms of content transmission to the subcontractor. Our team of specialists analyzes whether the planned implementation of technical solutions does not differ from the real design possibilities, which is crucial for reducing the risk. Design verification also includes checking the correctness of calculations, cost calculations, geometric drawings, sections, connections and material selection.

Optimization analysis

We direct the offer of optimization analysis mainly to contractors and investors. On the basis of the existing construction, tender or detailed designs, we propose more advantageous, economical and optimal solutions that will improve the overall cost of the facility. We profile the nature of our analyzes in accordance with the type of selected criterion – we take into account, among others, material costs, construction costs, construction pace.

The most important goals of the optimization analysis

The main purpose of presenting the optimization analysis is to reduce the overall implementation costs. The effective reduction of the investment price is a merit of experience and calculations made by advanced computing programs, aimed at achieving a specific goal – financial profits and improving the budgetary situation of the investor or developer.