Over 1000 completed projects in 18 countries

FORT POLSKA - design office established in 2000

completion of projects in Russia - we stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Improving multi-industry cooperation in BIM technology of all industries and using cloud platforms to coordinate and manage multi-industry projects.
creation of a specialized laboratory unit FORT LAB dealing with vibration research and analysis, continuous development of BIM technology.
award in the category of commercial projects Tekla BIM Awards 2020, we received an award for the design of Warsaw UNIT high-rise building. The reinforced concrete and steel structure design was made in a 3d environment, exchange of information with other participants of the design process using BIM tools. The steel structure design was developed at Tekla Structures. Architecture: Projekt Polsko-Belgijska Pracownia Architektury Sp. z o. o. Investor Ghelamco Poland.
the Audience Award in the 2019 Tekla BIM Awards competition
BIM d'Or Awards 2018 award for a multi-industry project implemented jointly with Vinci, projects implementation in „advanced” BIM (Vinci, Skanska, Ghelamco). Services addition by construction investments feasibility study. Conducting formal and administrative procedures in pre- and design project stages
projects implementation in full BIM initiative for Vinci, Ghelamco; services addition by multi-discipline projects
special prize in the Construsoft BIM Awards 2016 for the model of Blicken Haningeterrassen in Stockholm; maintaining confidence and a high standard of services offered within the scope of both executive and workshop designs in the power engineering sector
introducing a complete service of construction projects and offshore steel structures to the scope of company services
FORT POLSKA wins the first place in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014 for the model of Jordanki Multifunctional Concert Hall in Toruń; implementation of parametric modelling of reinforced concrete structures in three-dimensional space
introducing to the scope of services workshop designs of complex large steel structures in the power engineering sector both in Poland and abroad
the first workshop design of a steel structure using 3D model (roofing structure of Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin) that won Tekla Poland BIM Awards 2012  special prize
implementation of parametric modelling of steel structures in three-dimensional space that enables to create precise models of steel structures in BIM Technology
setting up geotechnical unit that deals with structure designing in extremely difficult geotechnical conditions and in tight and compact urban development
Dynamic activity in the capital of Turkmenistan: concept and executive designs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and the Ashgabat State Commercial Bank - "Halkbank" building; establishment of the branch office in Warsaw the director of which is Jakub Nowakowski
increasing the number of team members to 85 employees including 70 structural engineers; FORT POLSKA gains a significant position on the structural designs market; intensive cooperation with French clients (Vinci Construction, Bouygues Bâtiment International)
active operation on the Russian market in the industrial building sector - executive designs of a large logistic centre (286 500 m²) located in Pyshma and Nissan factory nearby St. Petersburg
after successful negotiations in Paris MILARYS POLSKA purchases shares in FORT POLSKA from Coplan group (MILARYS POLSKA and Christian Dalmasso as FORT POLSKA shareholders); increasing the number of team members to 54 engineers; Nowotoruńska Street in Bydgoszcz becomes the new location of the company main office
the first of over a dozen construction projects completed in Turkmenistan (the National Theatre in Ashgabat); intensification of services on the Eastern market; Radek Michalski and Paweł Lachowicz establish another company MILARYS POLSKA
expansion into the international market; creation of the executive designs of the Government Hospital on Tahiti and IKEA shopping centre in Abramtsevo in Russia; tender design of Citroen factory in Hungary
building permit and executive designs of extensive renovation of French Embassy in Warsaw; Słowackiego Street in Bydgoszcz becomes the new location of the main office; establishment of Moscow branch office (FORT RUSSIA) the director of which becomes Radosław Michalski
the first large contract: the executive design of Wola Park Shopping Centre in Warsaw; increasing the number of team members to 20 structural engineers
the company starts its activity; the executive design of Auchan Shopping Centre in Katowice; the establishment of Fort et Cottet Coplan branch - FORT POLSKA Groupe Coplan with its headquarters localized at Lelewela Street in Bydgoszcz; initially the team consists of 7 people including 2 that hold administrative position

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Three foundations of FORT POLSKA


Professional knowledge constitutes the most significant value that we have been offering to our clients within nighteen years of our experience on the market. Our team has practical attitude to every issue and suggests the most convenient solutions adjusted to clients’ needs



Work on executive and workshop designs involves great responsibility and requires attention to details as well as the ability of tailoring to new conditions. Execution of complex construction projects taught us to respond quickly to variable assumptions and to provide the most favourable solutions in order to efficiently overcome all obstacles.


All team members perform their duties honestly and diligently providing safe, innovative and economical solutions tailored to investment requirements. We succeed in executing even the most complicated and labour-intensive projects, due to the real passion and commitment of the entire staff.
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