Vibration impact analysis

We carry out a detailed analysis of the impact of vibrations on objects located in the sphere of dynamic interactions, i.e. where the space of the communication infrastructure merges with the usable space. The result of the research is a special report that will allow you to assess possible damage resulting from vibrations transmitted through the ground to buildings and structures. The subject of our interpretations will also be their impact on the life and comfort of a person staying in a given building structure.

The final stage of the vibration impact analysis is to provide customers with a detailed set of guidelines and boundary conditions that should be used when designing a facility in order to minimize the adverse effects of dynamic effects to the values permitted by applicable legal standards. We have measurement results from various locations on the 1st and 2nd metro lines in Warsaw, which is why we are able to quickly verify the initial concept of the structure in these locations. For the concept, this process takes place without additional vibration measurements.

Before designing the building, it is necessary to determine all kinematic forces related to the assumed vibrations of the foundations of a given residential or utility building, which affect possible vibrations of the entire structure. The analysis of the impact of vibrations – carried out on the basis of measurements of vibrations on the ground, taking into account the transmittance at the interface between the ground and the building – will allow to present the maximum values of acceleration of all vibrations. The report discussed in this way will allow the implementation of specific technical solutions aimed at effective reduction of all vibrations generated by rail or underground transport.