Technical expertise

We prepare comprehensive technical expertise of all building structures. Our studies contain detailed documentation, combined with professional assessment of the structure in terms of efficiency and safety. We present the results of research on all phenomena occurring during the implementation or during the use and full operation of a specific building. Our services also include the performance of a detailed analysis of the impact of vibrations on the building and the people in it, when the investment is located in the vicinity of rail transport or other communication lanes.

Technical expertise should be performed wherever there is an interference in the existing structural system of a building. In practice, the expertise accompanies the execution of the reconstruction or extension project of the facility. The scope of services also includes soil testing, mechanical and structural testing of built-in materials and quality assessment of existing materials and foundations. All these activities will allow for a comprehensive technical expertise of the facility, including the static analysis of the structural system and the assessment of the technological solutions introduced to improve the implementation of changes in the facility. Each project ends with conclusions and a suggestion of corrections to be made to the building structure to eliminate defects and repair all damage.